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andybugz schreef: Thanks, as said above not many breeders at all, there used to be quite afew breeders about 4 years but there no longer active,
Well the forum is great and everyone seems very kind and welcoming so thanks,

I'm not sure if I have a favorite beetle, I forgot to mention I have Allomyrina Dichotoma too, I quite like there characters, I love p mulleri for there striking colours,
I've loved dorcus alcides as that was my first beetle, also I love the smaller species that ive owned, like hornimanni as there always flying about or breeding, so fun to watch, what is your favourite? what are the common beetles over there?
About common species, Pachnoda, Chlorocala, Mecynorrhina, Eudicella, Cetonia and Cyprolais come to mind.
My personal favourite would be a Mecynorrhina species. At the moment I keep a small group of M. polyphemus,
which are beautifully coloured. But I'm also rather fond of smaller species, like Pachnoda and Eudicella,
they're like living jewels! :D
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